First Steps introduction


• First-Steps Established in 2006, Has About 16 primary parenting instructors

• A leading Experiential marketing company for maternity & Pregnancy market. •

• We specializes in import, marketing and distribution of breast feeding category. •

• Our Vision is to bring leading international brands for the Israelis new moms that would make their life much more comfort and suitable for this period. “Helping mothers be their best” •

• Our core values are based on support for brands, long term accompaniment, investment and uncompromising loyalty.

• We offer our business partners professionalism, personal attention, and nonstop innovation.

First steps – Marketing capabilities

• Our professional field team includes 16 representative with a professional background in the maternity/birth fields.

• During ongoing operations the company is roughly exposed  (Annually) to about  45,000  pregnant women as well as new moms.

• Our data base includes over 140,000 club members including: mothers , new moms, pregnant women.

Home visits – First Steps representatives conduct personal counseling sessions, to mothers (4th week -12 weeks after birth) regarding baby nutrition and how to take care for the baby
The activity is integrated in active sales channels – direct sales and sales to the retail sector.

Pregnant women kit – In partnership with  “Motzetim” – The second  biggest Chain Store for Baby Products and  Accessories in Israel
Database – Great renewable database(EMAIL) :includes 140,000 mothers (Pregnant women and mothers for 0-5 years old children)

Digital assets including a renewable  big database, social media assets, content  mom website

Digital activities
– Pregnancy Blog, Newsletters, Exclusively E-mailing

Sectors – Secular, Orthodox, Arabs

Import of breastfeeding products -We represent the Ardo Swiss brand in Israel.
We distribute ,breastfeeding products from Swiss to the large nation wide
 chains in Israel

important facts

  • We meet around 2000 new mothers a month nationwide,roughly 70% of which are new moms.
  • Our data base includes over 140,000 mothers we have met in our 1:1 home meetings.
  • Over 45,000 moms under the age of 3 are included in our monthly, email newsletter.
  • The company is in constant contact with moms through our website, social media asseats , monthly newsletters, and direct mail.
  • Our activities and professional team are highly regarded within the target market.
    We are seeked for our professional team and our recommendations are regarded as vital.
    Mothers today are exposed to ever growing never ending advertising messages and dis-information is abundant.
    As a recommending body, we provide order and security at a mother's happy yet emotional period.Our counselors, mothers themselves, offer each mother helpful hints,